Meng Hu

Coder, Footballer, Reader

I currently work @Samsung Mobile USA, previously @Garmin.

FC Barcelona, Internet, Woody Allen and Leonard Cohen are among the things that fascinate me.

Finished “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson on an airplane. What a true visionary genius this guy is! Steve Woz remains my favorite Steve though. :-D

I moved one of my domains to my home server. One and half day later, there are over a thousand ssh login attempts from three countries: US, Russia and China. Note that this domain name is not published anywhere. I guess cyberwar is real.

I went to Barcelona to watch El Clasico. I camped outside Camp Nou for four days, and got an autograph from Leo Messi. Later that year, FC Barcelona won the Champions League.

I set foot in the United States for the firs time. It was a truly liberating feeling which I still remember vividly today.

My family got me my first computer. It was a 386 with 4MB RAM running DOS 6.2

I watched my first World Cup. I was introduced to Romario and Stoichkov. I started my lifelong obsession with FC Barcelona.

I found my father’s gun in the cabinet. I decided that when I grow up, I wanna be a police like him. That never happened.

I was born in Changsha, Hunan, China(湖南长沙). Where I lived when I was a kid

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